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About Jaipur

Jaipur is also specializing in Block printing, spray work, Hand work, value addition of beads, Tie & dye embroideries etc on fabrics like, cotton voil, Rayon-viscose, varieties of polyester, Blends of P/C,PV, Pure silk, Art silk , both mill made Power-loom & Hand woven.

About Jaipur

Jaipur, the largest city and the capital of Rajasthan, is also stated to as Pink City. Built by Sawai Jai Singh, this place was India's first planned city. With spectacular hilltops and stunning fortresses, Jaipur has become a major tourist attraction among both national and international tourists. Jaipur is known as Heritage City because of its rich heritage culture, customs, traditions, fairs and festivals, civilization, and hundreds years old forts and monuments. The glorious architecture of Jaipur the Pink City is renowned across the world. Wonderful Forts and Monuments garland the entire city in a planned manner.

For all shopaholics, Jaipur is the perfect destination; a haven actually. The splendid city of Jaipur takes pride in its remarkable handiworks that preserve its ancient art and crafts, which are renowned worldwide. This hub of vibrant commercial handicrafts, colourful culture, invites skilled craftsmen and artisans from India, as well as, abroad. Some of their famous artistic creations include metal-works, woodworks, blue pottery, stone-carvings and leather ware.

Jaipur Textiles

Jaipur handicrafts include cushion covers that come in a variety of eye-capturing designs. Some of the types include embroidered cushions, patch-work cushions, block-printed cushions and velvet cushions that are perfect for day-to-day as well as occasional use.

A vast range of bags, fashioned in patchwork, mirror-work, antique-beads, brocade and embroidery are available at Jaipur. Jaipur bags are made from excellent quality fabrics, and are presented in captivating styles.

Unique Indian quilts are made from top quality cloths, and are patterned with exceptional embroidery work. These quilts are light-weight, comfortable to touch, and provide cozy warmth to the user.

Bandhej, or Baandhini, is a type of tie-dye material, which is a very popular textile, among the many Jaipur handicrafts. Dots, waves, squares and strips are common designs in Bandhej. Natural and artificial colours are used in making these patterns which involve a lot of intricate knots post which the fabric is dyed. Hence the name, tie-n-dye.

The handicrafts of Jaipur are always in high demand. These impressive ethnic styles and handicrafts are so enticing that tourists, from all over the world, come to visit this royal city. Discover the various kinds of fabulous art and handiworks of Jaipur, with these tips.